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Be’s mission is to provide you with the best Internet service, with the best products, at the best possible price.

In June 2006, Be became part of O2. One of the key selling points of Be is that it has 24Mbit internet access. Check the site to see the coverage and speed in your area.

You can refer up to a maximum of 6 friends.

Each friend you refer gives you one month free internet access. The benefit for the friend is that by being referred they don't have to pay the usual connection charge.

Referrer Instructions

  • You will need your friend's email address.
  • Log in to your be online account at and enter your your friend's email address.
  • When they have signed up you will get one month free.

Friend Instructions

  • Tell the referrer your email address.
  • You will receive an email from Be Broadband.
  • Follow the instructions to sign up and you will get a free connection.

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