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Hephalump personalised greeting cards for all occasions! We have Personalised birthdays cards , personalised anniversary cards , photo upload cards in fact personalised cards for almost any occasion you can think of. So think about your loved ones and then choose one of our 3000 plus Personalised Greetings Cards designs and send your personalised cards today!

Hephalump has a Refer and Earn affiliate programme. Existing customers who refer a friend to Hephalump will receive a £3 credit on their account. The friend will benefit with a 50% discount on their first order.

Referrer Instructions

  • Log in to Hephalump.com
  • Go the Refer and Earn page to get your referral code.
  • Send the referral code to the friend.
  • When your friend makes their first purchase you will get a £3 credit on your account.

Friend Instructions

  • The referrer will send you their personal referral code.
  • When you log in to Hephalump.com enter the referral code on the Registration page.
  • You will receive a 50% discount on your first order.

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