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Vonage works just like a traditional phone service. Just pick up your existing touch tone phone, no headset required, and make phone calls as you normally would - from your home phone to their home phone or mobile!

Vonage uses your current broadband connection to make and receive calls but the people you call don't need either Vonage or broadband. And the great thing with Vonage is that your PC doesn't need to be switched on.

For every friend that signs up to Vonage, you'll both receive three months free service.

Referrer Instructions

  • You will need your friend's name and email address.
  • Enter your Vonage phone number and email address on the Vonage website.
  • Enter your friend's details on the next page.
  • Once your friend signs up you will get three months free.

Friend Instructions

  • Tell the referrer your name and email address.
  • You will receive an email from Vonage.
  • Sign up using the instructions and you will receive three months free.

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