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MyForce is the personal security service that arms you or loved ones against danger with the touch of a button sent from any smartphone. The concept was developed by two fathers seeking to provide their children with the most important gift: safety. We envisioned the service as a way to enhance the security of people across the country.

MyForce gives you confidence and security against threats and provides families with freedom from worry. We wholeheartedly believe that safety is a right, not a privilege. So we look to support and engage other organizations that are spreading the message of personal safety and empowerment.

MyForce won a 2011 People’s Choice Stevie Award for Favorite New Product or Service of the Year. MyForce has also successfully passed AT&T’s Enterprise Software Certification Program. Certification confirms that the solution’s performance, user interface, data integrity, application security and data transmission all meet or exceed AT&T usability guidelines.

Referrer Instructions

  • Log in to My Force and get your personal link.
  • Send the link to your friend.
  • When your friend signs up to My Force you will receive a credit of $5 for a monthly subscription or $30 for an annual subscription.

Friend Instructions

  • The referrer will send you a link.
  • Click on the link to sign up and you will receive a discount .

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