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TradeKing was founded in 2005 with an aim to offer honesty, fairness, great value and high touch service in the area of online trading.

TradeKing merged with Zecco in 2012 and continue to provide

  • Low cost pricing that’s fair and simple to understand.
  • Out-of-the box thinking when it comes to technology innovation and education, including supporting a vibrant investor community where self-directed investors can learn along with peers.
  • World-class client service1 for every investor.
  • Plenty of free tools and services to support your trading2.

Referrer Instructions

  • You will need your friend's name and email address.
  • Log in to your TradeKing account and enter their details on the Refer a Friend page.
  • You will receive a $50 credit when your friend meets the referral criteria.

Friend Instructions

  • Tell the referrer your name and email address.
  • You will receive an email from TradeKing.
  • Follow the instructions in the email to open your account.
  • Once you satisfy the referral criteria you will receive a credit of $50 on your account.

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