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Referrer $25 Voucher Friend $25 Voucher

Xoom is a low cost international money transfer service. Your recipient can receive the money transfer either in US dollars or their local currency.

Once you have used the service yourself, you can get a $25 reward for each friend you refer when they send their first transfer.

Referrer Instructions

  • Log in to Xoom.com to get your referral code.
  • Send the code to your friend.
  • When your friend uses Xoom for the first time you will receive a $25 electronic gift card in your email.

Friend Instructions

  • The referrer will send you a referral code.
  • Make sure you use the link that the referrer sends you when registering to Xoom.
  • You will receive a $25 electronic gift card in your email after you have used Xoom for the first time.

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