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1pMobile offers the UK's cheapest PAYG mobile tariff of 1p a minute, 1p a text, 1p a MB.

Tell your friends about us and if they decide they want to join 1pMobile just give them the code or the personalised web address we give you. When your friend signs up using your referral web address or code, we will send them their 1pMobile SIM. When your friend activates their SIM, we will give them a £5 bonus for joining via your referral link. This will be added as a top-up to their phone. We will reward you with a £5 bonus for referring them, once their account has been live for 30 days. This will be added as a top-up to your phone.

Sign up as a new customer for 1pMobile using our refer-a-friend links and you will get £5. For further details visit the 1pMobile site at:

If you are already a 1pMobile customer then click the button below to add your referral code and get a reward for referring new customers.

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