Help - Frequently asked questions

What is a refer-a-friend programme?

Many companies use refer-a-friend programmes to attract new customers. The theory is that existing customers will recommend their services to friends, and the friends will sign up and give them more business. To encourage customers to do this, they offer incentives in the form of cash, discounts or gift cards. In some cases the company offers an extra incentive to the new customer to use the code by giving extra incentives if they do.

This is the premise behind We only list deals where both the referrer and the friend benefit from the referal. The tricky part is finding new friends to refer, which is where we come in. Existing customers of any of the companies that we list can add their referral code to the website. Visitors to the site will choose a referral code to use and if it's yours then you will get a reward from the company.

How does ReferMeHappy make money?

We don't believe in annoying advertising so rely on affiliate commmissions from companies that are listed on the site. Some companies offer us a small incentive to send traffic to them. We also post our own referral codes online just like you do. "Eat your own dog food" as they say.

How do I refer someone I know to a company where I am a customer?

Great! You don't need refermehappy for this. Just contact the company directly and they will help you with the referral.

How do I get my reward/bonus/cash?

The referral rewards are not processed by ReferMeHappy (currently). Contact the company directly where you are a customer and they can give you details of how to receive your bonus.

How do I get in touch?

Please send us a message on the Contact page.