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Economy 7 is a type of energy meter and plan that can help you pay less for your electricity. You might sometimes hear it called a “differential” or “multi-rate” energy plan. With Economy 7, you’ll pay cheaper rates for your electricity for 7 hours during the night. The difference in cost between your day rate and your night rate could be up to 50%, depending on your electricity supplier.

If you sign up as a customer using one of our member's Economy 7 refer a friend links, you will get a £50 gift card. Full terms and conditions can be found below.

Terms and conditions

Referrer instructions

Log in to your Economy 7 Energy account and get your referral link. Post the link on ReferMeHappy.

Friend instructions

Click on one of the referrer's links above to sign up as a customer to Economy 7 Energy.

Payment details

If their sign-up is successful and they make the switch, you'll both receive a £50 electronic Gift Card, delivered straight to your inboxes. Choose how to spend your reward with some of the nation’s favourite shops – M&S, John Lewis & Partners, Sainsbury’s, Halfords, B&Q or Gift Card.

Any other conditions?

Refer a friend rewards apply to direct switches only

Is there a limit on referrals?

No limits!

Do I have to be a customer to make referrals?

No you don't. Anyone can sign up to refer others.

How do I find out more?

For full terms and conditions at the Economy 7 Energy site go to

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