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Scottish Power is a vertically integrated energy company based in Glasgow, Scotland. All the new fixed price tariffs provide 100% green electricity by generating it all in the UK, 100% from wind. From boiler cover to appliance care, they keep the important things in your home running efficiently and help avoid the risk of breakdowns.

If you sign up as a customer using one of our member's Scottish Power refer a friend links, you will get up to £120 credit. Full terms and conditions can be found below.

Terms and conditions

Referrer instructions

Log in to your Scottish Power account and get your referral link. Post the link on ReferMeHappy.

Friend instructions

Click on one of the referrer's links above to sign up as a customer to Scottish Power.

Payment details

Once this process is completed (it usually takes around 21 days), and if they remain on supply for at least 28 days you’ll share up to £120 energy credit.

Any other conditions?

The reward will be paid after the tracking and validation period has completed, meaning that the referred Individual must successfully complete their switch to Scottish Power and come on supply. The switch must not be cancelled otherwise the referred Individual will become ineligible for the promotion. To be eligible for the reward, the referred Individual must be on supply with Scottish Power for at least 28 days before payment is made. Where a dual fuel switch is in progress, the reward will only be paid once both the referred Individual’s Gas and Electricity supplies have been on supply with Scottish Power for at least 28 days. Checks will be made to ensure the referred individual remains in contract with Scottish Power prior to the reward being paid. In some cases, the tracking and validation period may take up to 3 months.

Is there a limit on referrals?

Only one reward is available per household for any referred individuals under this promotion within a 12 month period. If the same referred individual is referred by more than one referrer (regardless of the means of referral), only one reward shall be available.

Do I have to be a customer to make referrals?

No you don't. Anyone can sign up to refer others.

How do I find out more?

For full terms and conditions at the Scottish Power site go to

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